Sociations smoking. viagra expiration patent The vocal cords are actually a valve that sit on the top of the windpipe, and are the narrowest part of the airway. As such, any smoke inhaled impact the vocal cords on the way into the lungs, and again on the way out when you exhale. This is why the vocal cord(s) are one of the most vulnerable areas to smoker's cancers, as are the lungs. Drinking. Excessive alcohol is thought to be the cause of several serious cancers, especially esophageal (swallowing tube). buy generic viagra online Drinking excessive alcohol also multiplies the harmful effects of smoking. cheap viagra without prescription Hpv/ voicebox papillomas aka voicebox warts. These papillomas of the vocal cords may be pre-cancerous. price of viagra in south africa Patients with laryngeal papillomas should have "viral typing" done on a biopsy of the papilloma to see if it contains a hpv virus that is high-risk or low-risk for cancer development. See the page on "hpv/ papilloma information" for more details. can you buy viagra over the counter in spain Uncontrolled reflux disease is more of a risk factor for esophageal (swallowing tube) cancers but does play a role in larynx cancer. daily viagra cost nz All patients treated for throat cancer should be on daily reflux medication. order generic viagra online no prescription Genetics is one of the main reasons why someone develops cancer while someone else who smokes the same number of cigarettes for the same number of years does not. You can not control your genetic predisposition for diseases including cancer, but you certainly can control your habits (smoking, drinking), and general well being. General health plays a critical role in the immune system … the main defense against cancer development. Diagnosis the terms "tumor", "mass" and "neoplasm" simply means 'growth. viagra safe young men yahoo answers ' tumors may be benign or malignant (= cancer). Only a biopsy of the tumor can determine whether the mass is cancerous or not. The majority of patients with hoarseness are examined in the clinic with a small, painless telescope that only goes into mouth, but can look down the entire throat. This method of examining the voicebox is only available in specialized clinics. viagra samples This is what a normal larynx looks like when examined in the office. buy viagra canada The normal anatomy is illustrated. If a tumor is noted, such as the white "mass" in the photograph, a biopsy is generally recommended. In most centers across the united states, this biopsy is performed under general anesthesia in an operating room. There are some highly dedicated centers specializing in larynx cancer that can perform the biopsy in the office under topical anesthesia. This has the advantages of avoiding a trip to the operating room, waiting for the biopsy, and getting the results much sooner (typically weeks earlier). buy cheap viagra I have voicebox cancer. What happens next? If the biopsy demonstrates cancer cells, you will be assigned a "cancer stage. " a cancer stage is a uniform.